5 ways to Support Small Businesses

5 ways to Support Small Businesses

Why support local?

5 ways to support small businesses

Small businesses provide the feeling that someone cares. They care about quality, service, authentic transactions and you. Supporting these brands, supports these people, and that’s exactly what we need to do to keep the spark alive in our communities. It’s not only the right thing to do, but also a vital part of showing our appreciation for their hard work.

Today we’re going to provide you with 5 ways to support these small businesses!

1. Share their brand on your social media pages.
If you’re reading this, you’re on your phone or laptop or iPad, meaning you probably have one form of social media you use regularly. So go check out your favourite small businesses and chuck them a follow! Whilst you’re at it, give a few cheeky likes and comments just because... well you can, and even better it’s free! If you’re wondering why or how this could possibly help, it allows their social platforms to gain exposure, meaning more people will see their posts and hopefully 
means more customers/clients for them.

5 ways to support small businesses

2. Buy gift cards from small businesses.
These days almost every business, big or small will offer 
gift cards. Don’t know what to buy your sister for her birthday in 10 days? Gift card. Father’s Day coming up? Gift card. It’s simple, it’s easy for you and the recipient is always happy. Why wouldn’t you be stoked? You get to choose what you want! It’s also a great help for the company as buying in advance can potentially help them come out of any struggling times.
"Buying gift cards for your local businesses can literally help them stay afloat," said Morgan Siegel, the founder of Jeddah's Tea.

5 ways to support small businesses
3. Treat yourself or a family/friend.

Feeling like you need a pick-me-up? Indulge in some retail therapy, the special, small business way. A treat that will do good for the world, as well as yourself. I’m sure a loved one would also adore a well-thought out gift on any occasion. I know myself, I love when someone has made the effort to support a small business when gifting for me, it feels more personal.

5 ways to support small businesses 

4. Offer your skills.
Love to write? Create graphics when you’re bored? A pro in organising your personal Instagram feed? Count these as some skills! You may not feel or be qualified but sometimes a creative flare can be the start of something great! Offer a fragment of your time and talent to a local business and see how many benefits both the company and YOU could receive. it can be a very rewarding task helping others without the expectation of receiving 

5 ways to support small businesses
5. Lastly, start conversations.

Use this topic as an excuse to call up your bestie, let her know your new favourite brands and why you love them. You never know, you may find your all-time new favourite!

Covid-19 Impact
Due to the recent social and economic impacts of covid-19, many small businesses have struggled to 
keep their light alive. Lots of small businesses don’t survive in good times, so what happens when you throw in a pandemic? These business owners have had to adapt and overcome, and that’s exactly what they’ve done, so let’s keep supporting them in the best ways we know possible.

Checkout this article written by Jane Hillsdon, Founder and managing director of Dragonfly marketing, where she discusses the aspects she is grateful for as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. She acknowledges the heartache the hard times have caused, but highlights the amazing opportunities that have emerged from it. We think it’s important to understand exactly how other small business owners feel, hence this article provides great insights.


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