8 Ethical Influencers that will inspire you to live a sustainable life.

8 Ethical Influencers that will inspire you to live a sustainable life. 

Not sure how to start with creating your own sustainable wardrobe?? Or just in general how to be a better consumer??

Well these empowering and conscious ladies have the answers and will help guide you to make more ethical fashion choices.

Who knows you could be so empowered, you’ll make our next ethical fashion influencer list. 


  1. Kate | @ethicallykate 

A dedicated NZ based ethical and eco blogger of our time. This is a lady you want to follow, for all her eco wisdom, sustainable living tips in home and during her travels, Kate is a quirky soul, with a commitment to living a full life, the right way. Find Kate’s ethical fashion tips on her blog and featured stories of wardrobe culling and recycling Inspo;


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  1. Evie Kay | @eveiekay

Evie is a wellness and conscious living advocate, whom resides in Canberra, ACT, Australia. You’ll find her role as a lawyer and yoga teacher is an awesome mix, especially when you have the education and tools to create ethical campaigns that are close to her heart. Support Evie’s current anti racial campaign here; 



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  1. Monica | @monicaroams

An inspiring traveller of the world, Monica finds the most conscious ways to travel and shares her finds with us on her instagram and blog updates. Currently based in Philadelphia, Monica shows us her back yard and what she is doing to stay active and keep doing the right thing. You’ll find everything about leading an ethical life through Monica’s eyes, Papaya re-useables and all the YouTube adventures, here;



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  1. Ashe | @ohheyitsashe

An ethical fashion and wellbeing enthusiast, Ashe, is passionate about showing the world how small changes make huge impacts. Especially, in your day to day lives, investing with local brands that have a similar ethos and thrifting like a boss. Connect with Ashe + Get some awesome ethical and sustainable styling tips that could change your wardrobe for the better.


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  1. Liatdemetrio | @liatdemetrio

An edgy fashion student that knows her way around a minimalist sustainable wardrobe. Featuring hot tips on how to wear pieces that suit your style and are a conscious choice. You’ll find her captions full of informative advice on alternative options for ethical fashion lovers!


  1. Ariel Green | @naturally_mermaid + @sustainablebrowngirl

Inspiring the community with better choices for our bodies and planet. As far as ethical fashion goes, she’s got the know how on organic make up products, shampoo and conditioning bars and everything you need to know to give your sustainable journey a strong start. Make sure to follow her insta, blog and podcast, you won’t regret it;



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  1. Alexis | @girlwithagreencloset

Alexis is a girl after our own heart, a minimalist, lover of the colour black and a sustainable influencer with a mission to educate and share mindful living guidance. Alexis is an advocate of the sustainable fashion industry and a rising editor of the @sophromagazine where you’ll find sustainable gift ideas and how to give unwanted gifts new life. Follow her journey here;


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  1. Orla | @orlasaphron

Based in Perth, Orla is a huge advocate for ethical fashion and is the Creative director of Zozii Active, a sustainable active wear brand, that specialises in bamboo materials and giving back to the environment. Orla shares her passion for sustainable fashion through insightful posts and driving ethical fashion education forward. 

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