Introducing a new sustainable baby wear brand

Introducing a new sustainable baby wear brand:

The story began when the founders of Fibre for Good realised that a clothing factory in Bangladesh was going through 2700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt. They knew that something had to be done, and their research led them to Organic Natural colour Cotton (ONCC).

Bunya Cottage Creations, a Brisbane based small business, works with Fibre for Good and is now offering you the opportunity to purchase these AMAZING Baby products through Allthingsfi. 

Ethically | Responsibly | Sustainably. 

Organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC). 


Although ONCC crop is 3 times more expensive than conventional cotton, the end products is worth the value in our opinions. 

Check out these amazing benefits:

  • Extremely high-quality assurance

We can guarantee a high-quality assurance, this is because farming expertise has been passed down through THIRTEEN generations. They farm regeneratively, using the landscape and their own livestock to manage pests and fertilise the soil.

  • 100% organic

ONCC is known for absorbing moisture, maintaining its natural softness while protecting baby’s skin at the same time. ONCC, means that all the cotton is grown 100% organically. Less than 1% of the worlds cotton is organic, which means that the majority of the commercially grown cotton in the market is genetically modified, this modification has reduced the natural softness of the cotton.

  • 100% chemical free

ONCC crops are grown in 3 natural colours. That’s why garments may come in ‘shades’ of winter white, sage and wheat, which are our favourite neutrals. It also means that NO BLEACHING or DYEING will be needed to make the fabric colourfast. Therefore, it is hypoallergenic and safer for babies. 


Cotton crops are rotated with food crops to diversify the make-up of the soil. After it is harvested by hand, the cotton is processed on location where the seeds are separated from the cotton fibre. The farmer keeps the seeds to be used for the next planting and the cotton fibre is taken away to be spun into cotton thread.

    Bunya Cottage Creation’s suports the Fibre for Good philosophy of:

    “If we look after our farmers, they will look after us.”

    This means that Fibre for good supports the farmers by paying 50% upfront for future crops. There is no penalty if the season is poor and the crop is less than expected. 

    • Sustainable 

    Very little water is required to cultivate this drought resistant cotton. By comparing to commercially grown cotton, ONCC consumed 80-90% less water.

    Take a look at the AMAZING, 100% Organic Cotton Baby Wear collection that Bunya Cottage Creations is offering!!!

    Socks Stripe/ Socks Plain

    This super-soft Terry socks helps keeping those tiny toes warm and toasty.

    • Available in different design: Stripe/Plain colour
    • Best seller: 3-pack bundles 

    Body suits

    Mums will definitely like this cute lil bodysuits, which is part of the Heritage range of evergreen style!

    • Envelop neckline: easier dressing and undressing
    • Dome snaps: quick nappy changing

    Muslin Blankets

    Muslin blankets are always the perfect choice for swaddling, bedding and feeding.

    • Lightweight, ‘lofty’ feel
    • Everyday use

    Shop the baby wear collection here...

    Thank you for supporting sustainable brands and being apart of the Allthingsfi journey!

    Feel free to email us any feedback or suggestions to 

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