The difference between ethical and sustainable fashion

The difference between ethical and sustainable fashion


When it comes to finding those must-have wardrobe staples, we want to tick all the boxes. Does it have a great fit? Is it good quality? The truth is the hunt for these essentials go beyond the convenience of picking up something from the local shopping mall. We are now asking ourselves, is it ethically produced? Is it sustainable? 


We want to be satisfied with our purchase but at the same time we want to know we are investing in an ethical company. One that has purpose and our planet in their intentions. Brisbane based ethical fashion brand allthingsfi empowers you to purchase with purpose. 


Are ethical and sustainable fashion the same thing? We’d like to explore the differences.


What is Ethical Fashion?


Ethical fashion is morally produced with the whole supply chain in mind. From pattern making to choosing the right fabrics, every element is carefully deliberated with care and ethics in mind. That means fair wage and equal opportunities for both men and women. Well-being is of high priority, and every person involved in the production of a garment is treated equally and fairly.


allthingsfi was born to create sustainable impacts on local community and society through an ethical supply of lifestyle clothing for women, by women. We make social impact by creating change through fashion. 


Each purchase made is linked to a donation fund that implements positive change within the community, providing opportunities for women they wouldn’t otherwise have. With our high ethics guaranteed, you are free to enjoy the new sustainable collection by allthingsfi, knowing the right choices have been made for everyone involved.


How is Sustainable Fashion different?


Sustainable fashion is clothing produced to last whilst keeping all environmental impacts of production in mind. With fashion being the second most wasteful industry in the world, sustainable manufacturing is front and centre when it comes to creating our new  sustainable collection. This means we do the research to make sure every element of the supply chain is eco-friendlyfrom the fabrics we use to ensuring each part of our production process is sustainable, down to the labels and seams. Without a doubt, sustainable and ethical fashion go hand in hand.  


Can you have Sustainability and Style?


The fact is, we want to trust that timeless monochrome staple is as stylish as it is sustainable! allthingsfi create clothes with your spirit in mind. You can slip into our sustainable collection and feel empowered to accomplish anything. Made with care, 100% cotton and featuring unique design features such as our signature pleat, means we’ve got you when it comes to style. These timeless monochrome staples simply slot into your existing wardrobe and will take you from corporate to casual with ease. 


Sustainable fashion brands offer the ability to create a quality product that you can go back to again and again. This is womenswear you can feel good in, with the knowledge that every step of the production process is carefully chosen to be ethical and sustainable. 


Making the choice easier for you.


Values and standards are high here. When it comes to ethics and sustainability, our womenswear means you are safe in your choices. If you are accustomed to shopping sustainably or new to ethical fashion, our sustainable collection will empower you to purchase with purpose.  


The collection is the start of an ethical wardrobe we’ve all been looking for! 


Honestly, searching high and low for the right consciously made product and staying true to your values is worth it. We believe that sustainable fashion is a by-product of good ethics, and once we can take care of each other, we can take care of the planet and our ecosystem.


The new allthingsfi sustainable collection hits the mark with both! 


We believe it's true that we can make change with fashion. You can invest in your capsule wardrobe whilst supporting an ethical fashion brand, committed to making an impact.  Every purchase you make, even if it means you don’t go with the convenient option of that local shopping mall, could save lives in ethical trade, while keeping our ecosystem alive for longer. 


We invite you to check out the new allthingsfi sustainable collection, and don't forget to purchase with purpose…


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allthingsfi are a Brisbane based ethical clothing company born to create sustainable impacts on local community and society through the ethical supply of lifestyle clothing for women, by women.

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