Top tips for sustainable shopping

Top tips for sustainable shopping

Making the decision to shop sustainably is an awesome step, (patting ourselves on the back haha). We realised when we decided we wanted to go this way, we actually had to be accountable for it. Bugger, right? Following through on what we say is a thing.

One of the best things we can do to help ourselves and of course the planet, is to shop more consciously. Which I'm sure we've all got excited about, especially as it feels like a NEW lease of life!

Our first step in that direction was of course heading to the shops (here we go!) and found out it's much harder than it looks. Fool us, hey? Or better yet, the looming question, "WHERE DO WE START??!"

From our experience and of course trial and error, every god damn day (excuse my French lol), now we have some straight the point sustainable hot tips we'd like to bestow upon our allthingsfi family. These sustainability moves, turned our lives around as it didn't mean being overly critical and a 'jump on the band wagon' type situation. Which we avoid at all costs, agree? 

Step ONE


Yep, we said it. Let them reveal the truth, what the retailer / brand is willing to disclose can help you identify who and what they are working towards and for us does it mean a legit better and bright future (excuse the corny af sentence, but you get our gist?)

By this I mean, VALUES, MISSION, VISION, is it consistent?? Does the product or service show this to an nth degree. Do their social campaigns BANG on about (sorry, insert buzz word here) 'IMPACT' and real life gains. If so, buy the s*** out of it and keep going back, because with out you, those brands that really have HEART wouldn't survive. 

Step TWO


Find your favourite textiles that is that is good to you and good to the planet.

It's not a one size fits all, sometimes one fabric feels better on your skin, compared to another. Or you have crazy allergies (so sorry for you guys out there - but there is options so don't despair!). 

Do your research, what aligns with your values? Does having organic cotton really make you feel like you've done your part, or would you prefer an alternative that lasts longer, washes better and makes you feel like an ETHICAL QUEEN / KING?? Definitely the latter for us here at the Allthingsfi family.

Why don't we start here, with sharing our favourite fabrics and sharing the options that work with us;

1. 100% Cotton - We source our fabrics from a supplier here in Brisbane (contributing to the local community), the supplier sources the fabric from a farm in Gatton, QLD (a resourceful part of what we do to help the economy grow + growing textile agriculture).

2. Bamboo - the ethical brands we source and manufacture from, use bamboo fabrics as it is a much more breathable fabric, temperature regulating and healthier for the skin. 

3. Linen - Talk about breathable, this is a textile that you can't beat for the light and airy feel it brings to any outfit. Nothing like a great pair of linen pants, right? Linen tends to be one of the most absorbable fabrics on the market, one of the oldest and the one that lasts the longest. Sounds like a triple threat, don't you think? (Our brands are infamous for the linen pants and pieces that hang in your wardrobe all year long).

Probably a good start with those three fabrics, we'll dive in deeper in another blog post about more sustainable fabrics and their use / history in the garment world. Let us know which ones you'd like featured in the comments below?? (We would love to hear your thoughts on this)

Moving on...



The one tip that you've heard since time began but we'll REPEAT, as we think we all need a good reminder sometimes. 

We highly recommend asking yourself three questions before you buy a new piece of clothing, to ensure you buy for QUALITY and not out of impulse;

1. Is the fabric good quality resilient, absorbent and healthy for my skin?

2. Will I get at least 100x use out of it?

3. Can it be recycled, re-used and/or re-purposed later on?

By buying quality items, you'll not only spend less, but waste less too!

Don't forget quality does mean spending MORE than the usual fast fashion prices, but SAVES you in the long term, if you can answer YES to all the above questions!

Thank you for joining us on the Allthingsfi sustainable hot tips blog piece today,

We appreciate your time and hope to see your next #purchasewithpurpose soon :)

Fi x 




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