Who am I and what does Allthingsfi mean to me?

Who am I and what does Allthingsfi mean to me?

Hi, I’m Fi - The pint-sized mastermind behind Allthingsfi!

Allthingsfi is my little Brisbane-based ethical fashion baby. In many ways it represents who I am as a person, so I thought it was only fair that I told you a little bit more about myself and how the brand was born.

But before that, I want to just thank you for visiting my online store and supporting the brand and the vision. We wouldn’t be able to achieve anything with out you. 

So here’s the life story, wait for it….

I’ve been living in Brisbane for nearly 9 years now, I actually moved when I was 20, with my two brothers, sister in law and my parents.

Before that we were living in London - you could say that we got bored with the terrible weather!  Jokes aside, I mention my family because they are a big part of my purpose, and they’ve helped to shape who I am today - in brief, I’m pretty grounded with a side of crazy (those who know me are probably nodding their heads in agreement, at this point haha). 

A Family Affair

My mum and dad are of Greek and Turkish Cypriot descent - Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean near to Greece and Turkey. If you remember anything about Mediterranean people, its that life is based around food, banter and overly loud conversations! 

I learned quickly that I needed to be strong-willed if I was to be heard. That’s where my feisty demeanour, and sense of right and wrong came from. As time went by I learned so many invaluable life lessons from my parents and my family. 

So much of who I am comes from them. My sense of right and wrong, my emotional strength, and crucially, my love of corny jokes and dry humour.

The one message of theirs which has always stayed with me is to reach out and help others when you can. I couldn’t keep count of the number of times that I saw my parents supporting people in our family and friend’s circles as I grew up. 

Therefore, the sense of good will and social responsibility was at the centre of my mind when I decided to open Allthingsfi. I realised that giving back, helping others, and living in a way that meant I could walk tall and be proud of what I do day-to-day had to come first. 

Moral Hazard

After years of working in numerous high value roles and different industries, I began to feel stuck in a rut. Work just wasn’t enjoyable, and this feeling was made worse by knowing that the work I was producing wasn’t contributing to the greater good as I imagined. 

Fashion was something that I always obsessed over - but I realised that there weren’t many options in Brisbane when it came to ethical fashion. So I did the obvious thing… and created my own store! And as crazy as my family and friends thought it was - I went ahead and followed my instincts, because what have I got to lose right?

Allthingsfi is Born

It certainly hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to work full-time while building the business for the past 18 months. Nothing comes to those who wait, therefore, with blood sweat and tears in the mix, we have gained momentum and we can see an exciting ripple effect happening!

Today - All of our products come from ethically sourced suppliers. None of them have been assembled in sweatshops, and we can source the origins of all of the manufacturers and suppliers. You won’t find a single product on the online store that I wouldn’t wear myself. And although they all look stunning, I’m talking more about moral standards rather than individual fashion taste!

Taking it a step further, I’ve committed to donating a proportion of sales to a not for profit that helps those less fortunate, so they can have the opportunities we have. I can’t wait to tell you about the good causes that you’ll be helping by purchasing from the Allthingsfi ethical online store. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog post and supporting Allthingsfi + the empowering mission and journey ahead!

Feel free to keep up with Allthingsfi - some call us a social enterprise with a fashion edge…but you can just call me Fi :)

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