12 Reasons Why You Should Be Burning Soy Wax Candles

12 Reasons Why You Should Be Burning Soy Wax Candles

Why switch to soy candles? What’s the buzz about?

Candles have such a beautiful effect and always seem to create a calm atmosphere in a room, so why not make it a healthy choice.

Soy wax candles have been known as a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource, it’s healthy for our people and for our environment.

Even has a lower melting point then parrafin wax, which means that they burn slower and longer.

12 Reasons why you should be burning natural soy wax candles:

  1. Nothing artificial
  2. Better Alternative
  3. No harmful by products when burned or melted
  4. Soy wax is a non-toxic ingredient, making it better for the environment and for your health (drops mic)
  5. No dyes or toxic compounds.
  6. Soy wax does not form carbon soot
  7. Burns clean
  8. Lasts longer
  9. Smells better
  10. Stronger scent, no masking with preservatives
  11. Supports soy bean farmers
  12. Made from Vegetable oil (Fresh AF)

For all the candle OBSESSED out there, here is some extra tips and tricks to keep the burn going for longer;

They say the first burn is the most important;

Yes that’s right, please allow the wax to burn so it melts across the entire surface, this promotes an even burn for the duration of the candles life.

Avoid light and hot temperatures (not you, I was referring to the candle haha)

This will help reduce the decolorisation and fading. Also, with natural soy wax candles they have a tendency to sweat in drastic changes of temperature. This does not affect the quality or how it burns, but the candle can be wiped down with a paper towel if this happens and still look pretty af.

This one was a game changer for us, KEEP YOUR WICK TRIMMED:

Ensure that your wick is kept to 5mm long at all times. 

When trimming always allow the candle to cool down to room temperature.

This is a super hard one - try to avoid burning the candle for two hours before lighting.

Remember to continuously re-position your wick to keep it centred, to prevent the glass being exposed to heat from the wick flame.


Now you know how to take care of your soy wax candle, the healthier choice, smells better, pick your scent from our natural soy wax collection;

We'd love to hear what you think about our blog post and natural soy wax collection, feel free to contact us directly on hello@allthingsfi.com.au.

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