It's Time To Get “Bespoke” With Sustainable Fashion

I keep reading “bespoke” this and “bespoke” that. What the h*** does “bespoke” really mean?

Bespoke is not a new term, but it seems to be gaining momentum in the fashion industry as the must-have design jargon to use, especially when you want to sound like you know your stuff.

It basically means, the opposite of off-the-rack. It is custom made clothing from scratch with your specifications. There are a few brands that are leading the way with bespoke designs or ‘custom-fit’ options, which we are huge fans of!

However, I have to tell you the truth, before it became the ‘in’ thing to request in fashion. Our knowledge of bespoke was ordering a cocktail at the bar to your exact ingredients and instructions, for example, “I’ll have an espresso martini, half strength, a few extra coffee beans, one layer of froth, shaken for 30 seconds before pouring while the barista said’s ‘too easy’ and hands over the glass without spilling a drop”.

Bespoke Made Clothing: Rising To The Occasion

Normally, bespoke made clothing is predominantly in tailored suits, wedding dresses and red carpet events, where the styles cater for tailor-made clothing. Yet, recently there has been a rise for individual specifications and details to suit the person, creating a one-off, something unique, edgy, nothing you can see anywhere else. That even when they wear it twice, the individuality speaks for itself.

Bespoke made clothing, is mainly run through a machine but is by no means ‘couture’, yet still has the integrity of high-quality fabric choices, design and construction that you don’t see with an off the rack piece.

The term is lightly used to refer to made-to-order pieces, like jewelryjewellery, shoes, or websites. In the fashion world, having a bespoke piece means it’s a highly regarded item that you can’t purchase elsewhere, so instantly the value, the longevity and essentially the emotional attachment increase because the story is unique and the message is…sustainable clothing, is FASHIONABLE.

Custom-Made Clothes: Why It's No Longer An Elitist Choice

Custom-made clothes shouldn’t only be sustainable and fashionable, but also accessible. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear from a renowned Fashion designer - Que Shebley, who used fashion tech, QUE, to create ways to customise shoes and bags online.

“As they say, the fashion of the future is not one size fits all”. - Que Shebley

Research from a 2017 fashion tech study, concludes, 49% of consumers are interested in buying customised items, and 51% of people say that they would look for those customised garments online. “The Future of fashion is tailor-made and online”.

With bespoke fashion on the rise, we can embrace individual style and really hone in our individuality, self-expression and enthusiasm for craftsmanship and sustainable conscious fashion choices.

Made to Measure: Allthingsfi Way

There is a steady influx of sustainable fans, that is enlightened by made-to-measure options because they are far more ethical in their production approach, create less waste, and are long timekeepers. Above all else, this approach is hugely positive and empowering for people and the environment.

This is why here at Allthingsfi, we made sure we have this option open for you. 

Choose from a variety of sustainable materials, colors, style, and sizes. With a few clicks, you can create your very own bespoke outfit without breaking the bank.

Stand out from the rest with bespoke pieces mindfully made just for you. 

Lastly, if you’re still hesitant about it, let me ask you some questions:

Would you buy a piece of clothing knowing it would last forever? 

Do you want a standout piece in your capsule collection that holds intrinsic value? 

If you answered YES to both, then let's start with your first pair of linen bespoke pants from Allthingsfi (click the image below); 


Que Shelbey

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