Keeping warm in the winter

It’s getting cold, what else does that call for other than some winter shopping? Here in Queensland, we’re pretty lucky to not have to endure extremely low temperatures. Our weather is generally warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts, but as we come into our cooler months, we want to prepare YOU to be the most stylish and warm in town. We’re going to share some sustainable fabrics where you won’t need to compromise your warmth or the environment! Win win!  

winter fashion vest jumpers

1. Linen

Often misconceived as a strictly warm-weather textile, linen is made up of strong flax fibres that make it durable and winter ready. It is a naturally insulating fabric due to its hollow fibres. Don’t be fooled by Summer collections and their love of linen; invest in some linen pants to get you through this winter and the next. 

Click here to make a guilt-free purchase at Allthingsfi. Featuring an elasticated drawstring waist, these 100% linen pants provide comfort and style. 

 black linen pants

2. Wool

Wool is a textile obtained from sheep and other animals. It is natural and renewable, making it a fantastic fabric choice when shopping consciously. Due to its abundance of air pockets and natural layer of keratin, wool provides insulin and certainly keeps you warm on those harsh cold days. Lucky for you, knitted jumpers and vests are trending hot this Winter. 

Check out our gorgeous new arrival: cable knit vest that offers a full-length, relaxed fit. Style with a long-sleeve, collared undershirt for an effortlessly chic look.

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mocha vest jumper

3. Tencel

Tencel is made from cellulose and wood fibres, using only one non-toxic organic chemical compound though the manufacturing process. This textile has a thermo-regulating characteristic making it perfect for winter! Get creative and get some layering going on, tencel would be a great material for your base/underclothing. 

tencel fabric

4. Hemp (aka the new vegan wool)

 Hemp is the most durable plant fibre on the planet, and impressively does not require any pesticides or fertilisers to grow. That’s what we want!

Similar to linen, hemp has naturally insulating characteristics, and is also super breathable. Meaning you can find your perfect transition pieces to take you throughout the entire year. 

hemp linen fabric

The boring (but very important) aspect of any garment is usually the tag. The same tag that gets ripped or cut off the very second you bring that item home. The same tag that indicates how much damage was done to the environment to make that item and land it in your hands. The information we’re referring to is the fabric make-up of the garment. 

I’m sure most of you know the importance of using sustainable fabrics, but just to remind you; the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Meaning, using and investing in sustainable fabrics helps to reduce this impact, whilst empowering safer practices. So whether you’re jumping online ( or doing some good old fashioned instore shopping this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for these four winter wonders (fabrics in other words). 

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