Second-hand is the new NEW

Second-hand is the new NEW
second hand clothing
It’s no secret fashion trends repeat themselves, time and time again, and momentarily BLOW UP the internet. This is no different when it comes to fashion practices. For example, during the Renaissance period (over 700 years ago!), the act of re-selling fashion garments was a booming business. Looking at today’s re-commerce industry, we can see multiple similarities. 
In particular, Millennials and Gen Z'ers, have influenced the market to DOUBLE (I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!!), well in the past two years anyway. Buying second hand clothes has become the new NEW. But why has this become so trendy? What’s so great about buying and selling second-hand? 
The main answer is simply put:
- the environment.
The act of re-selling saves items from ending up in landfill. It benefits the seller as they’re able to ethically rid their cupboard of unused clothes and in some cases earn some extra cash. Yet, it also benefits the buyer as they’re generally getting garments for an affordable price than brand new, and they’re aware that they aren’t supporting fast fashion brands with their notorious habits of over-production. 
This re-circulation of clothes encourages consumers to appreciate and invest in their garments, which in turn leads to further care for the environment, and so the status of re-commerce continues to grow. 
You may be wondering when the term vintage was going to be brought up (It's coming don't you worry about a thang!). We’re seeing VINTAGE babies, everywhere right now. And yes, you guessed it, the second-hand industry created this thriving market for vintage clothing. Whether it’s vintage inspired or authentic vintage, small businesses and even retailers have jumped on this bandwagon. Buying vintage items re-circulates the garment and gives them an entirely new life; benefiting the environment and keeping you trendy af!
If you’re wondering where to begin your second-hand clothing journey, try jumping on some apps like
- Depop,
- Poshmark
- Facebook Marketplace
If you prefer instore shopping head to your local op shop, or try out a groovy weekend market or events, that are popping up literally everywhere.
If you’re in Brisbane, check out Lil J’s Vintage Markets ( where you’ll find recycled streetwear and second-hand garments from awesome small businesses like Cop Dat Vintage (
Or If you’re after an event that may expand on their recycled and up-cycled creations, head to the World’s Biggest Garage Sale in East Brisbane ( -
Being able to purchase clothes from an op shop, second-hand online, or from a friend has become extremely convenient. With an abundance of apps, websites, stores and individual sellers, it’s clear that this may stick around a while longer than typical fashion trends. We’re all for sustainability, so we hope this system helps to slow down the fast fashion habits and assist us in creating a movement that will benefit us all for a lifetime and more.
If you’re still unsure about buying second-hand, we totally understand and invite you to check out our website for some guilt-free sustainable clothing and a small second-hand jacket collection. We just received our gorgeous amazing wool cable knit vests, that will be perfect with a vintage shirt. This item won’t end up in landfill because we know how much you’ll love it! 

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