Allthingsfi's Journey

Allthingsfi Our Story


Hi! My name is Fiona but you can call me Fi :)

How funny are nicknames? Suddenly people start calling me Fi on their own accord and I turn to them and think, 'Should we be friends?'

The answer is YES! Every friend you have was a stranger to you once and why not add to your group? the benefits on both sides are endless. 

How did we get here you ask?

Well it wasn't an epiphany if that's what you are thinking.

More of a slow progress of being sick and tired of being a number in the godforsaken 9-5 grind (slightly dramatic, but isn't life?) and wanting to actually help people through using my strengths and all round skills I'd acquired from working in every industry...well nearly (and yes the rumours are true, I've had a lot of jobs...ask my friends? haha). 

Figured I'd scrap the CV and do something meaningful...

So here we are in the midst of the huge vision of Allthingsfi. The name came from an inspirational fashion blog I had created 2 years ago, (how cliche) and linked with an idea of starting a not for profit that somehow connects women entrepreneurs to opportunities they wouldn't of had before. 


The first actual leap of faith was when I jumped in my car to the West End to find a wholesaler with good ethics, what I did wasn't finding the ethical suppliers straight away, but it was the spark that I didn't even know I was looking for;

  • The twitch in my fingers
  • The bubbling in my stomach
  • The jump in my step (with maybe some inward excited screeches and dancing around the shop)

There was a glint in my eyes, as the Fi that always loved mixing and matching clothing and knew what she was looking for, with out putting it into words, came to life.

Anna Klein was right when she said, "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them are". 

The second leap of faith was calling my parents while they were overseas because I couldn't contain my excitement and had to share it with them (they are basically the business and emotional mentors of Fi and now Allthingsfi) - turns out they agreed, this is my calling so to speak and I want us to all enjoy the journey together (talented and quirky brothers included!).

The third leap of faith apart from saying it out loud, was calling an old acquaintance. I can't even call her a branding expert, more like a visionary and much more. 

My thinking process is, if I'm going to build the empire (Yes, I know big vision! Calm down Fi - or think bigger I say?) that is going to give back tenfold, I need to do this properly.

The branding workshops began... the foundations of Allthingsfi started to take shape and the glint in my eyes got brighter.

 I believe that women's buying power is underrated; we are the decision makers of our generation and the ones before us, why shouldn't our buying decisions be the drivers of change. Allthingsfi is empowered by ensuring women are at the forefront, not because we are better, but because we are equals and history has shown that empowered women give back without limitations.

Allthingsfi Brand Promise